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Cowboys & Conductors

Conversations on Horseman-Humanship


About the book

This book is about lessons learned throughout our collective lives and careers. It’s about the human-horse connection. It is about how one thing can lead to another and to another and so on.  It’s about possibility, purpose, and passion.  It covers our personal and professional journeys and unveils what a cowboy might have in common with a conductor turned CEO. 


All of our experiences have shaped both of us into the grey leaders we are today. GREY LEADERSHIP® is the boundless, non-binary approach to complex issues using a foundational framework yielding transformational results. It engenders curiosity, creativity, emotional intelligence, and a grounded sense of being. This allows for us to take action based on vision, support others to thrive, and design solutions that break through old paradigms.  


Leadership is an art, not a science. Like painting, sculpting, or playing a musical instrument, it takes perpetual practice to perfect. GREY LEADERSHIP® can be learned. It requires the awareness of what it means, the desire to cultivate it, the knowledge of how to attain it, and the ability to use it correctly. Grey leaders are able to authentically meet people where they are and walk with them to where they need to be.  It requires empathy, humility, centeredness, and presence. 


These conversations cover the areas of GREY LEADERSHIP® that we believe are the most vital for success.  Those that are critical for you to change your own personal and professional paradigm.


Be the GREY™ 

About the Authors


Dustin Davis

Cowboy, Horse Whisperer, and Expert Trainer

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Paul Jan Zdunek

Conductor turned CEO with over 20 years' experience in transforming organizations

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